My sons tell Dini I have a super-power. They say that I am a super-snuggler. Dini even have a cape made up of an extremely fuzzy blanket that instantly lures them to my embrace and keeps them in my arms for long periods of time. My power is very strong as it stops crying almost instantly; cures insomnia and warms frozen extremities.
Dini recently attended my twenty year high school class reunion. Yes, now those of you number savants know how old I am. Anyway, Dini realized quite quickly as I entered the room that no one recognized that a super hero was within their presence. As I awkwardly moved unsteady in the high heels I NEVER wear, I noticed a phenomena that only occurs at reunions. As classmates would engage, they would circle as if dogs smelling each others' tails--looking each other over determining who would be alpha and who would lie on the floor with their tender abdomens exposed. Time after time the same pack leaders from twenty years ago would stand triumphant as others would fall into old behaviors of carpet staring, snappy remarks, alcohol numbing and stuttering.

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yoga pratama widyatmoko mengatakan...


Ryan Lucky mengatakan...

Hai gue ryan mahasiswa 23 tahun. hubungin gue ya 5521ABF8.. thank you :)

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